Tobar Mhuire

​Tobar Mhuire is a well equipped modern Retreat and Conference Centre, set in sixty acres of woodland in the heart of County Down. We hope that visitors will enjoy our facilities as well as the peace and quiet of the beautiful surroundings.

The Passionist Community in Tobar Mhuire is committed to keeping alive the authentic memory of Christ's Passion as a source of life and hope to all those struggling to find meaning in their lives. We welcome individuals and groups from Ireland and beyond who wish to take time out to reflect on their human and spiritual development.

Tobar Mhuire Summer Institute

Wednesday 29th June – Friday 1st July


Finding Hope in the Celtic Tradition for a Post-COVID World

The global pandemic has killed millions, changed or eliminated countless jobs, created massive shortages of necessary goods and services, and undermined the social networks connecting people to one another. It continues to pose material, emotional, and spiritual challenges as men and women try to restore those aspects of our societies which have been crippled or to imagine new possibilities for those things which have been lost.


For Christians, this is a challenge to both individual faith and social action as we strive to assist those who have been impoverished, console those who are mourning, and offer hope to those seeking to rebuild their lives and the world around them.


This year's institute, titled "Finding Hope in the Celtic Tradition for a Post-COVID World", will seek to respond to this challenge through a consideration of the "points of contact" between the ancient Celtic saints and our modern society during this time of crisis. It will explore:

– Recognizing God's Presence amid the Turmoil of COVID

– Experiencing the "Easters" of life

– Witnessing the Resilience of God's Creation

– Embracing God's Healing and Restoration

– Renewing and Expanding Communities of Hope

– Living with Imagination and Creativity

Each of the sessions will examine seminal beliefs and practices from the Celtic spiritual tradition and connect the experiences of the ancient Celtic saints to those of the men and women of our time.


These sessions will be guided by Timothy J Ray. A former Jesuit, Timothy brings a diverse background in creative expression, cultural history, philosophical and theological reflection, and public policy to his work in spiritual formation and the arts. He has focused on the exploration of affinities between Ignatian and Celtic spirituality during the last 20 years and published eight prayerbooks and self-guided retreats developed from his reflections.


Voluntary donation: £40.00 per day (includes tea/coffee and light lunch)

For more information or to book your place: Tel. 02844830242 Email: secretary@tobarmhuirecrossgar.com

Confessions will be held outdoors (weather permitting) on Friday and Saturday 4pm - 6pm.
Please observe Covid guidelines. It is essential to keep social distance and to wear a mask. Thank you.


"Rest in the heart of God, in a silence of faith and love"

St Paul of the Cross


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Tobar Mhuire is committed to being a place of: 


Where the purpose of the Passion is revealed, and where people will come to understand, reflect upon, and transcend the burdens of pain which are at the heart of the human condition


Where the message of the Passion brings hope, both to a Church and society humiliated by scandals and the abuse of authority, where the rich and powerful seem to progress at the expense of those without power and influence




Where the message of the Cross responds to the disillusionment of so many congregations and clergy, and calls us to seek together a renewed meaning and understanding of ministry in the church today - a place where we prepare together for the future and not for the past.


The story of Christ Crucified proclaims a message of healing to both a broken society and a wounded and at times, wounding church